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Beltronics BEL550 Euro  radar and GATSO detector

Claimed Detection Range: 
GATSO up to 400m. Radar & Laser guns up to 3 miles

Detects GATSO speed cameras at least 200 metres away, plenty of time to adjust your speed.

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The Beltronics Bel Target Euro 550 laser / radar detector has replaced the old Beltronics 990 and combines market leading radar and laser detection with a host of features including LED text display, digital voice alerts and Belís unique software upgradability function.

Fundamental Mixer Technology (FMT) patented design employs a Fundamental Mixer Response to achieve Higher Sensitivity and Greater Radar Detection Range
  • Accessories (included) 

    Visor, Dash and Windscreen Mountings 
    1.8 Meter Coiled Power Cable 
    Power Lead (straight) - 1.1 meters 
    Carrying Pouch 
    Spare Fuse 
    2 Year Warranty