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Beltronics BEL330 Euro  radar detector

Claimed Detection Range: 
GATSO up to 250m. Radar & Laser guns up to 2 miles

Detects GATSO speed cameras at least 150 metres away, plenty of time to adjust your speed.

The Euro 330 is a high quality radar detector as a result of its superior radar and laser reception sensitivity, particularly on GATSO photographic speed traps.

The use of GSM De-sensing Technology and suppression filters (specially developed for use in the european market) make the Euro 330 the quietest detector available to.
The Beltronics 330 is the latest, greatly improved European model replacing the legendary Bel 980. 

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  • Features 
    Full 360 radar and laser coverage.
  •   250m GATSO warnings (avg.). 

  • Radar range 2 miles (max) Laser range 1.5 miles (max) 

  • LCD text and graphic display system.
  •   Set and forget memory 
    Undetectable Shadow II technology City and motorway driving modes 
    No installation required,
  •   100% portable 
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Supplied with a full accessory pack.